Living Well in Prince George's County
Special Announcement
Congratulations to the Town of Bladensburg for receiving the Achievement Award for a medium city from the Maryland Municipal League.   

Bladensburg was choosen for their innovative Municipal Collaborative.  Nineteen cities come together to offer a weatherization program to low-income homeowners who are struggling to pay the bills, Bladensburg acts as the project lead and coordinates the work.  The other towns submit names of families that could benefit from the program.

Congratulations, Bladensburg for a well-deserved honor!

Our Mission

Together, we are creating communities where residents have equitable access to healthy foods and where active lifestyles are encouraged and supported. Our aim is to reduce preventable chronic diseases and the rate of obesity, which are jeopardizing quality and longevity of life.

Icon Health Policies & Practices in Prince George's County

  • Summer Food Program Drop-In Site at Edmonston Town Hall
    (Monday, July 18, 2016)
    The Town of Edmonston is providing a drop-in Summer Food Program spot for the Port Towns.  Located at their town hall at 5005 52nd Avenue, Edmonston provides breakfast at 9 a.m. and lunch at noon.… Read More
  • Hyattsville Life Features ECO City Farms
    (Monday, June 20, 2016)
    Hyattsville Life visit ECO City Farms' Edmonston site and learns about urban farming and community supported agriculture.    You can purchase produce from ECO City Farms at their stands at the Riverdale Farmers Market from… Read More

Icon Health Issues in the News

  • Ways to Eat Healthy on a Limited Budget
    (Monday, July 18, 2016)
    Want to eat healthy but have a limited budget.   Here are some suggestions that give to help you feed your family as healthy as possible while stretching your food dollar. Read More
  • Study Finds a New Side Effect to Fast Food
    (Thursday, July 7, 2016)
    Researchers at George Washington University have linked fast-food consumption to the presence of potentially harmful chemicals, a connection they argue could have "great public health significance." Specifically, the team found that people who eat fast food… Read More

Port Towns
Community Health Partnership

porttowns logo
The Port Towns Community Health Partnership (PTCHP) is a collaboration of community residents, organizations and funders, all working together to support healthy living in the Port Towns.  Our partners include Port Towns youth and adult residents, schools, non-profit organizations, businesses, neighborhoods, local government leaders, Kaiser Permanente, Consumer Health Foundation, the Eugene and Agnes E. Meyer Foundation and United Way of the National Capital Area. Read More

Staying Healthy Tips

Research Shows:
People tend to have healthier lifestyles when their community supports and promotes healthy living.
  • Take Walks During the Week
    Just 30 minutes of walking, five times a week is enough to improve your overall health from decreasing the symptoms of diabetes and depression to increasing bone density to preventing cancer.
  • Pack Your Lunch
    Packing healthy lunches and snacks to take to work or school offers many benefits. Healthy brown-bag meals can reduce fat, calories, and sodium in our diet, improving overall health. Smart choices can help us maintain a healthy weight. And brown-bag lunches just may improve your child’s IQ.
  • Get Your Beauty Rest
    Lack of sleep can affect your mental and physical well-being and contribute to obesity, heart disease, infections and irritability.