Living Well in Prince George's County
Here are some ideas for healthy meals to get ready for summer.
Prince George's County Fire Department is urging residents to check their fire alarms after a fatal fire in Capitol Heights.Here is the story.
Ecumenical Health Council provides a program each month with Reverend “Radio” Ray Raysor and his wife, Rene Sewell-Raysor's Sight 'n Vision and Senior Talk Radio program. The program deals with information for people with disabilities…
Prince George's County Fire Department is doing a pilot program where they are visiting residents who have visited the ER five times or more per year in the past-and giving them assistance to avoid visiting…
Kaiser Permanente and other health care providers hope that by going to one of the most frequented and trusted institutions in the African-American community they can encourage residents to get preventive care that can help…

Inexpensive Ways to Exercise

Tuesday, January 31, 2017 |
Ready to start the new year by including more exercise in your daily routine?   Here are some inexpensive ways of succeeding on your goal.  Click here for the article.
The Port Towns CDC is hiring a Community Outreach Coordinator.  The coordinator will be in charge of the Port Towns CDC's EcoDistrict Stormwater Master Plan. The position will remain open until filled.      
The National Capital Area Food Bank has found that 33% of the need found in metropolitan DMV's service area is in one county, Prince George's.Here is the story from the Washington Post.
Congratulations to Cottage City's Commissioner Abel Núñez on being recognized for his work as the Executive Director of the Central American Resource Center (CARECEN). Since 1981, CARECEN has provided a wide range of services for the Washington,…
Adding condiments can add fat and sugar to your diet.  Reader's Digest has some suggestions for healthy alternatives.Follow the story here.
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