Living Well in Prince George's County
port 1With a focus on Healthy Eating and Active Living, or HEAL, the Port Towns Community Health Partnership is working to improve community conditions that influence health and wellness. The Partnership’s advocacy also focuses on policies and practices that hinder healthy lifestyle choices in Prince George’s County, where the Port Towns are located.

Working with schools, businesses, medical facilities, neighborhoods and faith-based institutions throughout the towns of Bladensburg, Edmonston, Colmar Manor and Cottage City, the Partnership is exploring ways to:

  • Provide collective community engagement in healthy eating and active living
  • Partner with faith-based communities and schools to promote healthy eating and physical education
  • Convene community workshops on healthy cooking
  • Sponsor exercise classes
  • Advocate for policies that promote community wellness
  • Engage the community in urban farming and community gardening

Formed in 2008, the PTCHP began as a collaboration of Port Towns youth and adult residents, businesses, schools, non-profit organizations and local government leaders, Kaiser Permanente and Consumer Health Foundation to support healthy living in the Port Towns. The Partnership has expanded and now includes United Way of the National Capital Area and the Eugene and Agnes E. Meyer Foundation.

According to state data, Prince George’s County obesity rates are significantly higher than the national average. For the County’s children, these rates climb to 50 percent, and are approaching catastrophic proportions when compared with the national average, where only one-third of children are considered obese or overweight. The trend is even worse for adults in Prince George’s, where nearly 70 percent or two-thirds of adults weigh in at the obese or overweight level.

The Partnership is part of a burgeoning movement that is transforming communities across America. The goal is to enlist everyone in eating better, becoming more active by designing walkable areas and committing to healthier lifestyles overall. Working closely with the community, the Partnership aims to create significant improvement in health and behavior. It is about healthy people living in healthy places and more importantly making sure that the easy choices are healthy ones.