Living Well in Prince George's County
Formed in 2008, the PTCHP began as a collaboration of Port Towns youth and adult residents, businesses, schools, non-profit organizations, local government leaders and Kaiser Permanente  to support healthy living in the Port Towns.   

The Partnership is part of a burgeoning movement that is transforming communities across America.  The goal is to enlist everyone in eating better, becoming more active by designing walkable areas and committing to healthier lifestyles overall.  Working closely with the community, the Partnership aims to create significant improvement in health and behavior.  It is about healthy people living in healthy places and more importantly making sure that the easy choices are healthy ones.

About the Port Towns

The Port Towns are comprised of four towns: Bladensburg, Colmar Manor, Cottage City, and Edmonston.  Located in Prince George's County, they are nestled at the head of the Anacostia River and have an incredible array of recreational, environmental, and historical resources to explore such as the Bladensburg Waterfront Park and the Publick Playhouse.

With a common goal of community revitalization, the towns of Bladensburg, Colmar Manor and Cottage City joined forces in 1994.  Two years later the Port Towns Community Development Corp. was developed to support this effort.  In 2004 Edmonston joined the Port Towns to complete the union.

The Anacostia River flows through the Port Towns and in the 17th and 18th centuries the area now known as “The Bladensbug Waterfront Park” was a more active port than the Port of Baltimore.

There is much history in the Port Towns, from historic events to historic places.  The Battle of Bladensburg in 1814 is the most famous, which led to the burning of Washington.   In 1844, the first telegraph line ran from Washington through Bladensburg to Baltimore and the first test was conducted in the area.  In 1784, the first documented un-manned balloon ascent took place in a field near Bladensburg.

Several historic houses still exist, including the Magruder House, which was built in the 1760s next to Bladensburg Harbor; the George Washington House also built in the 1760s on Baltimore Ave.; the Bostwick built in 1746 on a four-acre property and the Market Masters House built in the 1760s next to Bladensburg’s market.

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