Living Well in Prince George's County

Our purpose

Our purpose is to work together to initiate and support sustainable practices that promote a healthy Port Towns community for children, youth, and adults. We strive to honor the diversity of our community and engage all members in this effort to create healthier policies, institutional practices, and physical conditions where we live, learn, work and play.  As an inclusive Partnership that represents various perspectives on health and wellness, we are a catalyst to community advocacy and action that enable healthy lifestyles and advance our community priorities:

  • Economic and business development
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Preservation and promotion of history and culture
  • Social inclusion and cohesion
  • Positive child and youth development

Our goal

The goal of this partnership is to improve health conditions and healthy behavior associated with poor nutrition and low physical activity among Port Towns residents.  The Partnership aims to create a thriving Port Towns community where residents have access to affordable, healthy foods and where active lifestyles are encouraged and supported. In this way we can work to halt, and ultimately reverse, the growing trend of overweight and obesity, and the rise in preventable diseases like diabetes and heart disease.