Living Well in Prince George's County
According to state data, Prince George’s County obesity rates are significantly higher than the national average.  For the County’s children, these rates climb to 50 percent, and are approaching catastrophic proportions when compared with the national average, where only one-third of children are considered obese or overweight.  The trend is even worse for adults in Prince George’s, where nearly 70 percent or two-thirds of adults weigh in at the obese or overweight level.

These statistics reflect a real cause for concern.  Obesity now rivals smoking as the largest cause of preventable illness and death because it can lead to chronic health conditions such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, asthma, heart disease and more. These statistics could come to mean that this generation of children will live sicker and die younger than previous generations.  Health department officials call this a backward step in health. These illnesses disproportionately affect minority populations, especially children, living in low-income communities.

The Port Towns Community Health Partnership works collaboratively with youth and adult residents, non-profit organizations, schools, businesses, and local and state government leaders because together we can help shape the important decisions that affect people’s opportunities to eat healthy foods and be physically active within their communities.

Many might consider government decisions to be about budgets, laws, regulations or zoning.  They are, but they are also about roads, sidewalks, bike trails, playgrounds, recreation centers, neighborhood farmers’ markets, school meal programs and many other items that affect our environment and, in turn, our health. There is a connection between policy decisions and the health of our community. Together we can work to create healthier communities.